We throw off the lie of perfection and cling to our identity in God as we strive to be whole, healthy, and fit. Our goal is wholeness, not perfection.

12 days of christmas

I thought I was behind on the whole “12 Days of Christmas” thing, but thanks to the Interweb I learned that the 12 days don’t start until after Christmas – on the 26th.  Which is perfect, because then I’ll have plenty of time during the Christmas break (which by the way all school district employees MUST say Holiday break thanks to a lawsuit) to compile my “Health and Wholeness Challenge” tips. The tips will range from healthy cooking hacks to simple DIY home spa treatments.  There will be no post holiday shaming or guilt tripping you back into the gym.  As always, wholeness is our goal, not perfection.

Is there anything specific you’d like to be included in the 12 day challenge?  Any area you’re seeking some motivation, encouragement, or accountability?


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