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So How Do You Blog?

I’ve really enjoyed blogging this summer.  I set out with the reasonable goal (thank you, Jon Acuff for the recommendation) of posting once or twice a week.  Some weeks I posted more.  But it’s August now and real life has officially returned.  So how do you do it, you non-SAH bloggers?  How do you keep up with the demands of work and family and find time to blog? 

I considered journaling again.  I thought that once a week I could post a journal entry.  Would that be cheating?  Any and all tips would be greatly appreciated.  Ooh, maybe if I compile enough tips I can blog about it!


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  1. Hi Reina! I struggle with the same question: how do I fit it all into a day? One thing I do is to try to remind myself that a blog doesn’t have to be long and involved. Lots of people only have time to read a couple of paragraphs anyway. I also set a goal for myself of 4x per month to post a blog to the site 🙂 I hope this helps and that you continue to blog because I love reading them! ~Jeannie

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