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First Day Of Daycare

I officially return to work tomorrow.  The twins are starting daycare today, though.  We are trying to create a new routine so our mornings are as stress free as possible.  Also, I need a day to be away from them before I have to be at work all day.  Although I’m not dreading returning to work as much as I was, say three weeks ago, I still feel I have a bit of mourning left to do.  Today will be an opportunity to process this new chapter without the fear of crying in front of my colleagues.

My prayer today, and every day for the foreseeable future, is that when I get choked up by thinking of them, that God would replace my sorrow with gratitude and joy, and that I can live each day intentionally, as to not waste any time I get to spend with them, our oldest son, or my husband.  I will also pray that God allows me to leave the world of 8-5 (fellow teachers, let’s just all make believe for the sake of this post, okay?) so I can be as present in the lives of my children as my heart desires.

I'll Miss These Smiles

I’ll Miss These Smiles

ps – I’ve got no idea what we’re supposed to pack for the boys, so as soon as I finish my PiYo workout I will be calling to get that info.  So much for today being a stress free morning.


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  1. Great focus! The first day I left my newborn daughter with the babysitter, I started bawling. She put her arm around my shoulder, so compassionate. “I know, I understand, it’s hard to leave your baby,” she said.

    “But no! You don’t understand! I’m not crying because I’m leaving my baby! After three miscarriages, I’m crying because for the first time, I get to come home and have lunch with my baby, instead of entering an empty house. These are tears of joy and gratitude!!” (I was only working part time then.)

    Bless you. It is hard working while having littles. And twins at that! I’m a twin myself, and I’ve heard my mother’s harrowing stories!

    • Congratulations on your miracle! I know that every child is a miracle, but when relying on and trusting in God is part of the journey it all seems a bit more miraculous.

      I survived my first week away from them, and ALMOST survived the second. They caught the stomach bug that’s taking the east coast by storm and brought it home to us. I missed the day we had to get our classrooms set up as well as the first day of school. The joys of being a parent who works outside of the home.

      My boys are identical. You and your twin? Did your mom work outside the home?

  2. I’ve been there…God gets you through those days!

  3. So encouraging! I’m going to be taking my only child to daycare in a week as I will be going back to teaching also! I’m so nervous and freaked by the idea of leaving him for a whole day! Even if he is going to his Mimi’s daycare (so lucky for that). He will love it and I will not! Ha!

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